Places of Interest in Srivardhan, Harihareshwar and Diveagar


Srivardhan is a nice place with sun kissed sands on a spectacular beach. It has a nice atmosphere and an unpolluted air and sea.

There are three temples to visit in Srivardhan. Jiwaneshwar temple is an old shiv temple. The pillars used for temple are from Peshwa’s house in Pune - Shaniwarwada. There is old Somjai temple just when you enter the city.

Srivardhan Beach

Srivardhan Beach

Peshwe Smarak is a place where the Prime Ministers of the Maratha Kingdom, the Peshwas originally stayed. The old path leading to Laxminarayan mandir which peshwe used is still there.

The beach at Srivardhan is a very good beach and a nice place to spend your evenings watching the sunset.

Bagmandla Beach

Bagmandla beach Situated near Srivardhan is a very clean and secluded beach near Harihareshwar, you will surely enjoy playing in the white sands and clean water on the beach.

You can also take a boat ride from here to the nearby Bankot Fort.

Harihareshwar - Dakshin Kashi

Harihareshwar is a famous pilgrim place with an ancient Shiv Temple and Kalbhairav Temple situated on the beach. It is also known as Dakshin Kashi.

Harihareshwar also has a beautiful beach which is rocky on one side and a clean sand beach on the other side.

A trip to Harihareshwar enables one to enjoy a pilgrimage and a holiday at the same time. MTDC has very a good resort at Harihareshwar with Tents to stay.

Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar Beach


Diveagar was the ancient capital of the Shilahar kings. Diveagar shot to fame when on the auspicious day of 'Sankashti Chaturthi',17th November 1997 a ancient half statue of Ganpati made of gold and some ornaments were found in a farm. It is now established in a temple. Near the ganesh temple there is an old Roopnarayan temple which is also beautiful.

Suvarna Ganesh - Diveagar

Suvarna Ganesh - Diveagar

You can also go to beach behind the temple which stretches up to 4-5 kms. and is a very clean and beautiful beach, and unlike other beaches it is not very crowded.

If you are staying in Diveagar you can visit the nearby fishing village Bharadkhol, where you can buy fresh fish every morning at an auction.

Diveagar beach

View from Shekhadi Road

Tale - Kuda Caves

The Kuda caves are also worth your visit but are slightly off the road. Tale is a small town located at the base of Talegad fort. There are ancient “Leni” inside the fort, but you will have to make a trek up to the fort to see the leni.

The Kuda Leni located near Tale is definitely a place worth your visit. Caves carved out of mountain in King Shilahar’s time are still intact. Vehicles can go up to Kuda caves. The view around the caves is breathtaking.

Tale - Kuda Caves

Tale - Kuda Caves

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