Konkan Travel Tips

Here are some Useful Travel Tips for people (Indians as well as Foreigners) visiting Konkan.

The entire Konkan Region is well connected with good roads and now after the Konkan Railway has started, Rail Travel to some places has become convenient. Air connectivity though available, is limited to only a few bigger cities like Ratnagiri. Overall you can be assured that Konkan is a Tourist Friendly place to visit.

RoadsKonkan Roads Information

Maharashtra is one of the leading states of India and the roads are in good condition. This is true even for the smaller roads which crisscross the entire Konkan region. The crime rate in the region is low and the people are friendly to visitors. Most of roads you would travel have good scenic beauty and the traffic is also not very heavy barring the National Highway.


Konkan AccomodationThere are a lot of Good Hotels and Resorts along the entire coast and range from the Luxurious Resorts to Simple one room lodgings, but be sure to make your Accommodation arrangements beforehand if you are traveling with a family. Apart from the Hotels and Resorts many local people lend extra rooms in their houses on rent for a nominal charge. Although it is quiet safe to take up the rooms, It is advisable to check the facilities offered beforehand.



Konkan FoodThere are Good Restaurants in the bigger cities but as far as eating out goes, most of the small towns have 'Khanavals' or small basic dining hotels instead of fancy restaurants. By and large, they are clean and you can be assured of a hearty meal at these places.

In most of these places you would get a choice of Reasonably Priced Veg / Chicken / Mutton or Fish Thali instead of separate dishes in their menu. The fiery curries may be a bit too spicy for some people but you will definitely like the taste.

It is advisable to drink Mineral or Bottled water which is easily available even at the smallest towns and villages. The local food is very good but some people may find it spicy and hot.

Dress to wear

Casual light Cotton clothing is advised due to the Hot and Humid conditions. However Skimpy clothing especially for women is not advisable. be sure to use caps or hats and sunscreen creams/lotions for protection from sun.

General Info and Precautions

The local transport depends mainly on State Transport (ST) Buses, Auto rickshaws and 6 Seater tempos. Some bigger Resorts and Hotels arrange Tourist Vehicles for sightseeing, but it is an advantage if you have your own vehicle for traveling around the place.

Communication in KonkanCommunication is not a problem as all of the tourist places have number of PCO/STD/ISD booths and all the leading Mobile providers network works in most of the places.

Credit cards may not be useful in smaller places and all the transactions are made in cash (Indian Rupees only), So be sure to carry enough cash for your trip.

It is advantageous if you know the local Marathi language as it will help you to befriend the local people who are very helpful by nature.

You do not require any special permissions to travel in Maharashtra, However you may find some Police Check posts near the Coastal areas. Please be sure to have all your papers with you like Passport, Valid Visa, International Driving licence (If You are driving) etc. if you are a Foreigner.

Permission is not required to camp on any of the beaches but be sure that you do not create a nuisanse to the local people and it is not advisable to stay overnight on a lonely beach if you have female members with you. If you are a big group then it is ok.

Many of the beaches on the coast are dangerous for swimming and proper care should be taken while entering the water. Please pay heed to the locals if they warn of dangerous waters.

We at Konkanyatra.com urge people to be Responsible Tourists, please take care that you do not litter the beaches or harm the environment in any way while exploring it.

Wish you a Happy Konkanyatra of your choice.

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