Beautiful Beaches along the Konkan Coast

There are a lot of beautiful beaches along the entire Konkan coast. Most of this beaches are not yet truly discovered by the tourists and are far better than the so called popular beaches in India. We are giving you a quick reference of the beaches along the Konkan coast.

Many of the beaches like Alibag, Guhagar, Harihareshwar, kihim, Ganpatipule are dangerous for swimming and proper care should be taken while entering the water. Please listen to the local people if they warn you of dangerous waters as many peole have drowned on these beaches.

Alibag Beach

Located at a convenient distance from Mumbai and Pune, Alibag is the ideal getaway of tourists looking for Virgin beaches and majestic forts. A lot of tourists visit Alibag especially on the weekends. Alibag has a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the sunset with Kulaba Fort in the background.

Alibag Beach

Alibag beach with a view of Kulaba fort

The beaches of Akshi and Nagaon

Located on Alibag - Revdanda road at 8/9 km's. From Alibag, the beach at Akshi is a beautiful White sand beach with suru trees dotting the coast. The water is clean and safe for swimming. You can see the Kulaba fort and Alibag at a distance from the beach. The beach further extends to Nagaon. The Nagaon beach is also very beautiful. Both the beaches are a favorite of the tourists. You can also visit the nearby ‘Satad Bunder’ a small fishing hamlet.

Kashid Beach

Located on the Road to Murud Kashid beach is a lovely stretch of white sand and clear water. It is one of the best beaches on the Alibag Murud Stretch, there are quiet a few well known resorts at kashid which offer a beautiful view of the beach.

Kihim Beach

Located at 12 kms. From Alibag, on the Mandwa-Alibag road Kihim is a very beautiful place to stay, it has a long beach which is excellent and clean. To come to Kihim from Alibag you have to turn left at Chondhi And if you come by Launch from Mumbai to Mandwa it is on Mandwa Alibag road. It is a favorite weekend getaway of mumbaikars as it is quiet convenient for them to come to Kihim on a Saturday, stay there and go back on Sunday. MTDC has also a resort at Kihim with tents for staying on the beach.

Kashid Beach

Kashid beach

Revdanda Beach

located at 17 Kms. From Alibag revdanda is an important port. The Salav bridge at revdanda which joins Murud and Alibag gives a cool view of the surroundings, You can see a beautiful sight of Revdanda port, beach and The Vikram Ispat factory from the bridge. A walk to the adjoining beach will give you a breathtaking view of the Revdanda Fort. The fort was built by a Portuguese Captain by the name of Soj in 1558.

Murud Beach

There is a very beautiful beach at Murud and a lot of Hotels and Resorts along the beach to choose from. The Murud beach is very beautiful, clean and safe for swimming. Apart from the beach Murud is more famous for its proximity to Janjira at Rajapur - The majestic sea fort which remained unconquered till the end.

Srivardhan Beach

Srivardhan is a nice place with sun kissed sands on a spectacular beach. It has a nice atmosphere and an unpolluted air and sea. The beach at Srivardhan is a very good beach and a nice place to spend your evenings watching the sunset.

Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar beach

Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar is a famous pilgrim place with an ancient Shiva Temple and Kalbhairav Temple situated on the beach. It is also known as Dakshin Kashi. Harihareshwar has a beautiful beach which is rocky on one side and a clean sand beach on the other side.

Bagmandla Beach

Bagmandla beach Situated near Srivardhan is a very clean and secluded beach near Harihareshwar, you will surely enjoy playing in the white sands and clean water on the beach. You can also take a boat ride from here to the nearby Bankot Fort.

Diveagar Beach

Diveagar was the ancient capital of the Shilahar kings. Diveagar has a beautiful beach situated behind the Ganpati Temple and stretches up to 4-5 kms. The beach is a very clean and beautiful beach with clear waters, and unlike other beaches it is not very crowded.

Srivardhan Beach

Srivardhan beach

Kelshi Beach

Located at 40 kms. from Dapoli, Kelshi is a typical small Konkani village. The 2.5 Kms. beach at Kelshi is very beautiful and secluded and there are beautiful sand dunes on the beach where children enjoy sliding down on the sand dunes. There are no hotels in kelshi and you can only stay at places where people offer lodging facilities in their homes.

Harne Beach

Harne is a big port and lots of fishing trawlers and ships come here everyday with fresh fish from the sea. There is a big local fish market which assembles at the beach every morning. Its a very different experience taking a round of this market and see the buying an selling of fishes.

Karde (Murud) Beach

Located at 11 kms. from Dapoli the beach at Karde (Murud) is an excellent white sand beach and we would like to rate it as one of the best beaches on the Konkan coast. There are a lot of good Hotels and Resorts alongside the beach and it is not at all crowded, practically it is like your own private beach.

As it is close to Dapoli, you can always drive down to Karde for a dip in the sea and return back to Dapoli.

Kelshi Beach

View of Beach from Yakub Baba Darga - Kelshi

Guhagar Beach

Guhagar located at 42 Kms. from Chiplun is a typical Konkani town with a beautiful clean Beach where a lot of people come in the evenings to see the sunset. There is an ancient Shiv temple of Vyadeshwar here.

Velneshwar Beach

Located at 16 Kms. from Guhagar, Velneshwar has a beautiful beach and an Ancient Shankar Temple. The Temple complex has three four different temples and the secluded beach behind the temple is very beautiful and clean.

Hedvi Beach

Located at 18 Kms. from Guhagar, Hedvi is famous for its Ganpati Temple, and the beach at hedvi is very beautiful. Near the beach there is a place locally known as 'Baman Ghal', at this place the rocks are cut by the sea water and a george has formed. at the time of High tide the water gushes through the gorge (Ghal) and a water column rises to a height of up to 100 feet in the air.

Guhagar Beach

Guhagar beach

Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule is famous for the 'Swayambhu' Ganpati temple and the whole hill is considered as a ganpati. A lot of people visit Ganpatipule and it is becoming a hot tourist destination. The beach at Ganpatipule stretches for 12 kms. and is a very beautiful white sand beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the konkan coast, However caution should be taken before entering the sea as lot of people die every year because of drowning. The MTDC has a very good resort near the beach.

Bhandarpule Beach

Located at 3 Kms. from ganpatipule, Bhandarpule also has a very beautiful beach. The beach at Bhandarpule is secluded and less crowded than Ganpatipule, However the sea here also is dangerous for swimming. you can get a beautiful view of ganpatipule and Bhandarpule beach from the top of the hill before descending to Bhandarpule.

Ratnagiri Beach

Ratnagiri is a beautiful city and an important port. The city is quiet industrialized and has many fish processing and exporting units. The Ratnagiri beach is a lovely beach, which penetrates the sea and you can see a White sand beach on one side and a Black sand beach on the other at the same time. You can watch a beautiful sunset at the beach in the evenings.

Sunset at Ratnagiri beach

Sunset at Ratnagiri beach

Bhatye Beach

The entire coast of the Bhatye village is covered with 'Suru' trees and is locally known as Bhatye Suru Ban. The entire area is covered with trees and is very beautiful. The Bhatye beach is a clean and beautiful beach. The beach is less crowded and secluded as it is a little away from the main city. At one end of the beach you can also visit the temple of 'Zhari Vinayak'.

Malvan Beach

Malvan is a small city with beautiful beaches and nice places to stay. Malvan is famous for its food and its proximity to Sindhudurg fort and its beautiful beach. The sunset at the Malvan beach is spectacular with Sindhudurg fort in the background and also there is a big fish market in the evening with auctions of fresh fish taking place right on the beach.

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli one of the best Beaches along the Konkan coast located at 7 Kms. from Malvan is fast becoming a hot tourist destination. The whole area is very beautiful and is situated at the mouth of Karli river. Tarkarli has an excellent white sand beach and you will definitely fall in love with this beach. MTDC has very good resort with tents at Tarkarli and lots of people come to visit every year. The nearby Devbag beach is also very beautiful.

Mithbav Beach

Mithbav beach

Kunkeshwar Beach

Located at 15 Kms. from Devgad, Kunkeshwar is an ancient Shankar temple built in the 10th century by the Yadavas. The temple is situated on the beach and is very beautiful. There are six Deepmals and huge Nandi in front of the temple. the Beach in front of the temple is also very beautiful and clean.

Mithbav Beach

Located at 20 kms from Devgad, the Mithbav beach is a very beautiful white sand beach. the waters are safe for swimming and the whole beach is very picturesque. This is one of the lesser known but beautiful beaches.

Vengurla - Mochemad Beach

Located at 25 Kms. from Savantwadi, Vengurla is a beautiful coastal town with a excellent beach and a port. The Dutch and Portuguese conducted trade activities on a large scale through the Vengurla port. The beach near the port has some very beautiful spots where you can relax on big boulders and look at the ships and boats in the sea. The Mochemad Village at a distance of 10 Kms. from vengurla also has a beautiful beach.

Malvan Beach

Sunset at Malvan beach


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