Places of Interest you can visit in and around Amboli


Amboli is a quiet hill station situated near Savantwadi. Amboli is situated at a height of 690 meters from sea level and slowly picking up as favorite tourist destination. The whole area is very beautiful with green valleys and mountains covered with dense forests. The place is very small and lots of people prefer to come here and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. People also visit Amboli in rainy season because in the rainy season the whole area is dotted with numerous waterfalls flowing down in the valleys.

Mahadevgad Point

Located at a distance of 2.5 kms., The Mahadevgad point is very picturesque. You get a beautiful view of the valley below and also the sunset from this point.

Mahadevgad Point - Amboli

Mahadevgad Point

Shirgaonkar Point

The Shirgaonkar point is 2.5 kms. away from Amboli and is a favorite picnic spot for people in the rainy season. The road leading to the point is covered with dense forest and it is a very pleasant drive or walk on the road.

Starting point of Hiranyakeshi River

Located at 3 - 4 kms. from Amboli the starting point of Hiranyakeshi river is a beautiful picnic spot. There is a Shankar and Devi temple at the Starting point and also a 'Kunda' or water tank. You have to walk a small distance to go up to the temple. The area around the temple is very peaceful and you can hear birds chirping away in the surrounding greens.

'Moti Talav' Savantwadi

'Moti Talav' Savantwadi


Located at 30 Kms. from Amboli, Savantwadi is a small city on the Mumbai - Goa Highway. This beautiful city is surrounded by mountains on all sides and the 'Moti' lake at the center of the city. Savantwadi is famous for wooden toys, artificial fruits, bamboo articles and gift articles. You can Stroll along the 'Moti Talav' Especially in the evenings and enjoy some roadside snacks as bhelpuri & Panipuri. 'Moti Talav' looks very beautiful in the evening with lights along its shores.

Redi Ganpati Temple

Located at 30 kms. from vengurla the Redi village has got manganese mines and the Ganpati Idol was found in one of the mines near Rewati port in 1976. The ganpati Idol is in a sitting position and approximately 15 feet in height. the re is also a small rocky beach behind the temple.

View from Vengurla jetty

View from Vengurla jetty


Located at 25 Kms. from Savantwadi, Vengurla is a beautiful coastal town with a excellent beach and a port. The Dutch and Portuguese conducted trade activities on a large scale through the Vengurla port. The beach near the port has some very beautiful spots where you can relax on big boulders and look at the ships and boats in the sea. The Mochemad Village at a distance of 10 Kms. from vengurla also has a beautiful beach.


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