Places of Interest you can visit in and around Ganpatipule


The Ganpati temple at Ganpatipule is a 'Swayambhu' Ganpati temple and the whole hill is considered as a ganpati. A lot of people visit Ganpatipule and it is becoming a hot tourist destination.

The temple here is very beautiful and recently it was renovated. Every year in the months of February and November the sunrays fall directly on the ganpati idol.

The beach at Ganpatipule stretches for 12 kms. and is a very beautiful white sand beach. However caution should be taken before entering the sea as lot of people die every year because of drowning. The MTDC has a very good resort near the beach.

Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule Beach


Located at 3 Kms. from ganpatipule, Bhandarpule also has a very beautiful beach. The beach at Bhandarpule is secluded and less crowded than Ganpatipule, However the sea here also is dangerous for swimming. you can get a beautiful view of ganpatipule and Bhandarpule beach from the top of the hill before descending to Bhandarpule.

Bhandarpule Beach

Bhandarpule Beach View

Malgund - Birthplace of Kavi 'Keshavsut' the famous Marathi poet

Malgund is famous as the birthplace of famous marathi poet 'Kavi Keshavsut' he was born here in 1866. He is termed as a poet who heralded the dawn of modern Marathi poetry. There is a very beautiful monument at Malgund dedicated to his work and also a museum where you can find information on most of the modern day poets of Marathi language. The Memorial is a real treat for people who are interested in Marathi literature.

Malgund View

A view while going to Malgund

Jaygad Fort

The fort of jaygad is located at 25 Kms. from Ganpatipule. the fort is still in a good condition and quiet a few people still stay inside the fort. the fort was primarily built for guarding the Jaygad port.

You can take your vehicle up to the fort and a walk along the fort walls will give you beautiful views of the sea and the port.

Jaygad Bunder (Port)

The Jaygad Bunder or port is an old and safe port situated at the mouth of Shastri river.

Jaygad Fort

Jaygad fort

Jaygad Lighthouse

There is light house near the Jaygad port and you have to take the road on the left hand side to go to the Lighthouse. You can see the light house from inside at evening time (4.30 to 6). You can see a beautiful view from the Lighthouse.


Sangameshwar is located near the Mumbai - Goa highway and approximately 50 Kms. from ganpatipule. There is an ancient Shiv temple at Sangameshwar on the confluence of Shastri and Alaknanda rivers.

The temple is beautiful and constructed in the old Hemadpanthi style, the carvings in the temple are very beautiful. There is also A memorial of Sambhaji Maharaj nearby who was captured here by the Mughals.

Sangameshwar Temple

Sangameshwar Temple


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